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New Eat24.

Hi. We got a makeover. About time, right? You probably have a lot of questions, so let's get right to the answers.

Is this Eat24’s new site?

Yes. It’s the same Eat24 you know and love, but faster and easier to use. We know change can be scary, so let’s start with the good news: the ordering process is basically the same. Even better news: there are tons of improvements and added features you’re going to love. Oh, and our site is beautiful now. A lot more beautiful.

Why did you do this?

As you know, we recently joined the Grubhub family (woohoo!). As the market leader in food ordering, Grubhub knows a lot about making an amazing ordering experience. Like, a lot a lot. Since we love our customers (you), why wouldn’t we do everything we could to make food happen faster, easier, and more delicious-er than ever before? That’s why the new Eat24 is powered by Grubhub.

So what about the old website?

Um, we put it in a nice museum? Is there something else we should do with it? We figured it’s kind of the same thing you do when you get a new smartphone or flat screen TV. Out with the old and in with the new. P.S. Don’t worry, the old site is happy in its new museum-y home.

Is the new Eat24 better? Or does it just look better?

We upgraded tons of stuff, so yes, it’s as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside--our filters and search both got an overhaul, plus delivery times are more accurate, and we have even more restaurants for you to enjoy. We appreciate the compliment though. You’re looking good too.

The site didn’t automatically log me in. Why?

One of the things we updated was our login. That means you may have to re-enter your username/password the first time you visit. We could never forget you of course (how could we?), we’re just keeping you safe. If you forgot any login info, click the “Forgot your password” button and we’ll help sort it out.

What is Eat24?

Oh, whoops. We probably should have introduced ourselves first. Hi. We’re Eat24, and we want to feed you. Powered by Grubhub, our app and website make it easy to order food online from thousands of local restaurants nationwide. We know we just met, but we love you (yes, apps have feelings too) and we can’t wait to help you make food happen.

How do I order?

It’s super easy, especially if you’re good at clicking. Start by typing your address and tapping “Search.” Then, we’ll show you all the restaurants delivering to you, as well as places that offer pickup. Just select the place that looks the most delicious, choose the food that speaks to your heart (/stomach) and click “Proceed to Checkout.” Place your order and… that’s it. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy.

I submitted my order. Now what?

Once you submit your order, we send it over to the restaurant. Once they let us know they’re on it, we’ll send you a receipt as well as a text message confirming everything is on track. Feel free to dance, nap, or sing opera while you wait.

What if I don’t want you to text me?

No problem. Just reply to our confirmation text with the word STOP. Oh, and FYI: if you’re using Google Voice, you’ll have to do this directly through their site and/or app.

Help! I didn’t get an order confirmation email.

Inboxes get hungry too. Please make sure you check your spam folder first (just in case our email got lost in the intertubes). Still can’t find it? We got your back. Go to our Contact us page and shoot us a message.

What if I want to change or cancel my order after it’s already sent?

We’re here for you 24/7. If you decide you need to cancel or change those fries to tater tots, talk to our Customer Care Team on our Contact us page.

I got an order confirmation, but the restaurant is saying they didn’t receive my order. What happened, Eat24?

If you find out they haven’t received your order, reach out to us immediately on our Contact us page so we can sort things out.

Something is wrong with my food. What do I do?

My order is messed up. Can you help? We know mistakes happen, but we’re here to make them right. If something is wrong with your order, you can call the restaurant directly, or reach out to our Customer Care Team. We’ve got your back 24/7. Mistakes happen, but we’re here to make them right. If there’s a problem with your order, call the restaurant and let them know about the issue, or reach out to our . We’ve got your back 24/7.

How do I search for restaurants near me?

How do I find restaurants near me? Entering your exact address is the best way to get accurate results. Doing that will show you all the restaurants that offer delivery to your home plus a whole bunch of pickup restaurants within reasonable walking or driving distance.

Why does Eat24 store my “Past Orders”?

Think of your Past Orders as a greatest hits of your order history. From here you can easily reorder that really good cheeseburger or fried rice with only a few clicks (you can also make edits in case you want chow mein instead of fried rice). Plus, you can also see or print out old receipts here, if that’s the kind of thing you like to do.

So, what’s it cost to use Eat24?

How much does it cost to use Eat24? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Though, of course, the food costs money and there may be a delivery fee associated with some restaurants. Delivery fees are determined by each individual restaurant or the delivery service, and you’d be paying them even if you ordered on the phone.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend to order?

It depends on the restaurant. Most restaurants require a minimum order size for delivery (you wouldn’t want to leave the house for just one spring roll, would you?), but there’s never a minimum when it comes to pickup orders.

Can I save my payment information?

Of course! When you checkout, you can save, add, or remove a credit card.

How do I edit or update my credit card information?

All you have to do is click “your name” at the top right corner of the page. From there you can edit or change your payment details.

When will Eat24 charge my credit card?

We charge your card right after you place your order, the same way they do when you order on the phone.

Is payment information on Eat24 secure?

Of course. We do not share any payment information with our restaurants, and we encrypt all the information that comes to us when customers press “Order.” If you are interested in specifics, we use Verisign (the top SSL encryption company) to make sure that no one--including us--has access to your information.

How do I redeem a promo code?

How can I use a my promo code?Congrats on having a code! Just enter it during checkout and we’ll update your bill to reflect any discounts (note: only one code can be used per order). Bad news (but there’s good news too so keep reading): If you received an Eat24 code before February 23, 2018, it won’t work on the new site or app. Good news: We sent you a new code by email! If you’re having trouble finding your new code, please contact Customer Care.

I forgot my username and password.

It’s OK. Hunger affects memory in mysterious ways. Here are some tips. In most cases, you username is your email address. If you still can’t figure out your username, the “Forgot Username” button will help. If you forgot your password, just tap the “Forgot My Password” link and we’ll help figure it out.

Can I have two Eat24 accounts with the same email address?

Can I make multiple Eat24 accounts under the same email address? Unfortunately, no. Since your username is your email address, it’s not possible to have more than one account tied to your email.

Can I have more than one address in my account? For instance, “home,” “work,” and “future husband’s house”?

Absolutely. Any address you order to will be saved. You’re free to label these addresses whatever you want to keep things simple for future orders. Plus, you can easily delete addresses (you know, in case things don’t work out with “future husband). To delete an address, just click your name in the top right corner of the page (make sure you’re logged in, of course).

What if I want to save special delivery instructions?

You can totally do that. During the checkout process, there’s a checkbox to save any specific delivery instructions to your address (ie Upper unit, buzzer 3, etc).

Why does it tell me a restaurant doesn’t deliver to me?

If you’re browsing by neighborhood, city, or landmark instead of a specific address, it’s possible that a certain restaurant listed won’t deliver to you. To be sure right from the start, we recommend you search using a specific street address.

Why is your site saying this restaurant doesn’t deliver to me?

That can happen if you browse by neighborhood, city, or landmark instead of searching with an exact address. To make sure you only see restaurants that deliver to you, we recommend entering your exact street address from the beginning.

Have the reviews changed?

Our restaurant reviews come from Eat24 users. Now that we're part of the Grubhub family, we have even more reviews and ratings based on personal experiences customers have with our restaurants' food and delivery services. With more reviews being added every day, Eat24 ratings are always getting better and making it easier to find the food you want.

Are you looking for Yelp reviews? We did have Yelp reviews for a little while, but those belong to Yelp. Like mom always says, "sharing is caring, but put things back where you found them."

How do I share my opinion about a particular restaurant?

How do I share my opinion about a particular restaurant? After you order from one of the restaurants on our site or app, you’ll be able to review it. Your review helps future Eat24 users make good food (life) decisions. Just click on the item you want to review and let the world know. If you have a problem with a particular item, you can let us know on our Contact us page. You can review any restaurant you've ordered from on our website or app. Your review helps future Eat24 users make good food (life) decisions. Any time you see a restaurant’s rating displayed, you can click that section to add your own thoughts. If you have a problem with a particular item, you can always reach us on our Contact us page.

How do pickup orders work?

The ordering process is the same as delivery, except the whole “delivery” thing. We’ll tell you when your food is expected to be ready so you can head over to pick it up. You can walk, drive, skip, whatever you want to do to get there. We don’t judge. Just be sure to bring your ID so our restaurants know they’re giving the right food to the right person.

What is Eat24 doing to make food delivery more eco-friendly?

Currently, customers can decline things like napkins, plastic cutlery and other unnecessary items as they checkout. We hope to do more soon, but it’s a start.

Which browsers does Eat24 support?

We support all standard browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 (and up)
  • Safari

If you’re running into issues, go ahead and reach out to us on our Contact us page.

What is Eat24 doing to make sure my account is secure?

Eat24 takes the safety and security of your personal information very seriously. As a precautionary measure, we’ll even email you to reset account passwords in the event of security risks unrelated to our site or app. This includes proactively contacting customers when there are security breaches at other companies, a new phishing scheme appears, if you log into an insecure site via public Wi-Fi, or there are malware issues.

How can security risks outside of Eat24 affect my Eat24 account?

Since many people use the same email and password combo for multiple sites, there’s a risk that if one of those sites is compromised, a hacker or fraudster could end up using that information on Eat24. If they’re able to get into your Eat24 account, they might be able to order dinner on your card. We work hard to prevent that by letting you know right away about any and all outside risks.

What can I do if it seems like there’s fraudulent or suspicious activity on my account?

Eat24 takes fraud very seriously. If something seems off, let us know right away on our Contact us page so we can get to the bottom of it for you.

How can I keep my Eat24 account safe from fraud?

First, choose a password that is unique. That means it shouldn’t be the same password you use for other sites. You should also change it often. Here are a few tips on choosing a strong password:

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters.
  • It should have a mix of upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and symbols.
  • Don’t use names, birthdays, addresses, anniversary dates, or even a word that appears in the dictionary.
  • Always log out of Eat24 when you’re done.
  • You may want to look into using a password manager through your browser or a third-party provider.
  • Don’t tell anyone else your password (duh), and change your password frequently.

Keep an eye out for phishing: Phishing is when someone tries to steal your personal information by pretending to be a trusted website or company. Phishers can be very sophisticated in these attempts. Sometimes they go as far as creating websites that look real (but are actually fake) or sending official-looking emails (also fake) asking you for personal information. Please know that Eat24 never asks customers for credit card information in an email or over the phone. Avoiding viruses and keeping your devices safe: We highly recommend using anti-virus software. This can catch malware and viruses and help get them off your device.

Can I change my order after I've paid?

Once we process your order, it’s sent to the restaurant for fulfilment. In most cases, it's best to contact the restaurant directly to request changes. The sooner you speak up, the more likely they will be able to accommodate any requests.

You can find contact info for the restaurant itself on the email receipt for your order. Need help? Contact our 24/7 Customer Care Team.

Can I change my order after it has been submitted?

Please reach out to the Customer Care team on our Contact us page.